Kontaktu Media

Titi Ribeiro                                                                                                  Alberto Alves

Asesora Media, Ministerio do Turismo                                             Asesor Media, Ministerio do Turismo

Email: ministerioturismo@gmail.com                                               Email: Abeto.Alves@hotmail.com

Phone: +670 3311499                                                                              Mobile: +670 3311499


Adelina de Fatima Soares                                                                      Gilberto da Costa

Media Ministerio do Turismo                                                                Media Ministerio do Turismo

Email: sdealina@yahoo.com.au                                                            Email:gilbert.costa@gmail.com

Phone: +670 3311499                                                                                Phone: +670 3311499



Media Ministerio do Turismo

Email: isacgomes@yahoo.com

Phone: +670 3311499


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